What we can do for you

No project is too small we can print objects any size up to 305mm x 305mm x 600mm.

We can also print down to 50 micron accuracy (20 Layers per mm) and a range of colours in the following materials:

  • ABS: A Strong material resistant to impact and temperatures up to 100 Degrees C.
  • PLA: Biodegradable less resistance to impact and heat higher print accuracy/cheaper.
  • PLA Max: Biodegradable with 8 times the impact resitance of standard PLA equal print accuracy.
  • PC Max: Best mechanical properties extremely hard and heat resistant.
  • Polyflex: Highly flexible similar to a hard rubber material remains flexible after printing.
  • NinjaFlex: Highly flexible similar to a soft rubber material remains flexible aster printing.
  • Polywood: A wood mimic printing material.
  • Polysupport: Used as a support material in prints that require support during printing.
  • Conductive: PLA based Graphene filament allows us to print electrically conductive components.
  • Nylon CoPa: A tough nylon co-polymer temperature resistant up to 180 Degreec C

If the material or colour you need is not here let us know and we can order some in for your print project.

Our 3D printers are double extruders which means we can print in two colours or materials on a single 3D print. This adds enormous flexibility to what we can create.

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Why Choose Us

  • We love 3D printing and were happy to help
  • We have fully qualified and experienced Mechanical engineers
  • Our printers are extremely accurate with very large pring volumes up to 1 cubic foot
  • We can print in a large number of materials in multiple colours and even two materials at once.

How to Order a 3D Print